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I had to RMA back my 3 year old HX620 (I bought from Novatech) because it 'popped' when I switched on the computer.


I tested it and it blew the fuse in the power cable plug....twice......a 2nd time just to make sure...:D:


I got the RMA number and posted it off to Holland (that bit I am not happy about as it cost me £38.19 !!! via Parcel Force) on 20th October, and received a brand new one in the post this morning......roughly a week to get sorted out.


So I am happy and unhappy...........

1. Happy because of the good service and no quibble warranty, but:

2. unhappy about the cost of an RMA.


I wish Corsair had a UK dept for RMA's


It will certainly make me think twice about buying another Corsair PSU in the future because of the cost of an RMA.......that is the only drawback. If I needed a PSU for a build it would just be a case of which model, but now......?


I like Corsair products, since I have bought over the past few years:

1 x HX620, 1 x VX450, 1 x HX450, and 1 x HX1000, plus 6 x 1GB tri channel Dominator memory, and 2 x memory coolers (3 x 40mm fans) to cover the six slots.


Anyway Corsair, thank you for your great products, and I am sorry we have to fall out (a little) over money..............:D:

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I do understand and I am sorry but the location of the service center ATM is or was chosen to give service to all of Europe. However, PSU's are a bit more of an issue because of their weight. So I feel your pain. I will pass your comments on to the the proper people so they will see what you have said is the best I can offer at this point.
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