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VoyagerGT 16GB can't transfer certain amount of files onto HD

Corporal Clegg

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I have a problem similar to the one described here earlier (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82359), but the main difference is that I can copy anything on it no matter what size it is, BUT cannot copy anything that's larger than ~2 GB off the stick onto somewhere else (a hard drive, for example). I tried formatting the stick in both FAT32 and NTFS, it always shows errors such as "The device is not ready" or something like "The source drive is not present", then the stick disappears briefly and appears again.


Strangely enough, none of this happens under Windows 7 Ultimate (I can copy anything to and fro the stick no matter the size), only under XP SP3 with all the newest updates. I am yet to test it on Vista or some other XP, but I'm pretty certain it's OS-related. I have an external hard drive that works perfectly, so I guess it isn't a USB hub related matter.


Any suggestions? I lost my warranty paper ( :brick: ), so I don't know what the procedure is in case these are the symptoms of drive failure (although they shouldn't be).


Thanks in advance...

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If this only happens on one system but not others I would check for a Virus on that system, try and scan it with http://www.trnedmicro.com.tw.


First of all, it seems that I forgot to browse the forum for similar issues; I did later and I found that certain nForce MBs had a similar problem. I used that Panasonic formatting tool and it seems that it did the trick, so far, so good.


Will try with that antivirus scan, just to be on the safe side. Thank you :)

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