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HX1000 strange fan behavior or not??


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Hi all


This is my config:

Board: Asus P6T6 Revolution

CPU: i7 965

RAM: Dominator 3x2GB 1600 (runs at 1333)

GPU: 2x Sapphire Toxic HD 4870 1GB

HDD: 2x 1TB wd, 2x 120GB wd

DVDRW: Plextor

And of course the HX1000 corsair psu. Nothing is overclocked


The problem: fan noise


..and let me explain. The psu works fine regarding power issues, steady voltage etx.. The problem is that the psu fan always works at full speed,

regardless the inside temperature which is low (24o C) and regardless load. I could understand full speed fan with big loads (playing games),

but the speed is max all the time. I did the paper clip test (just psu with an external fan) and the psu fan still works at full speed. Is this normal ??

Do i have a faulty psu??


I would appreciate any help.... thx

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