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Regarding PSU's and UPS's


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Super quick question,


I've never run a UPS before for any of my systems but after building my most expensive rig to date I am reconsidering my lax treatment of power.


I have a HX850W, when I look at UPS's do I need to match wattage? Do I need to get at least a 850W UPS for everything to work right or are they talking about something else? Anyone who can shed some light on this would make my day :)



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Even though the HX850 can provide a steady 850w, your system is unlikely to be using that much power most of the time. An average system will draw about 300-400 watts in most cases, so unless you plan on gaming when running on battery backup, you should not need a UPS that supports 850w. For a specific recommendation on UPS I would contact the UPS manufacturer, they should be able to suggest some different models which would be sufficient for your system.
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