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EX58 Exteme with CMG6GX3M3A2000C8


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I recently bought a new computer (EX58 Exteme, I7 975 and 12 Gig 2x Corsair CMG6GX3M3A2000C8). The Shop Tech set the System Memory Multipyer to 12 (from memory) and the Memory Frequncy is just over 1600 mhz.

I wanted to get the full 2000 mhz. So I tried increasing the SMM above 12, though upon restart it would return to Bios.

After checking the forum here I decided ti change the QPI/Vtt voltage to 1.35v and progress to 5.0v though upon saving at 1.35v the system just kept cycling on and off, never returning to bios, and I had to manually reset cmos button to get back to bios.

So I was wondering if someone knew of the correct settings for my setup they could help.


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Thanks for yor reply Yellowbeard.

I did try the XMP feature with 1 of the above results and Windows 7 64 had to redo my PCI settings (from memory).

The shop Tech said that happenned because the XMP feature just alters (I think it was the) Base Clock Control to achieve 2000 mhz also affecting the PCI.

I don`t think I`ll go pulling the memory out (I don`t feel that confident). 1600 mhz will do me fine then.

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