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Instability possibly cause of memory


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Recently built this computer and from the start ive had random freezes when playing games that forces me to do a hard reset.

Tried this with 2 different graphiccards with the same result so started to suspect its the memory.

The thing is ive run memtest over night with no errors, ive ran prime95 torture test for 12 hours with no errors, ive tried graphic card stability tests with no errors but as soon as i play a game (for example world of warcraft) i get a freeze sooner or later.


After a fresh format reinstall of window xp these freezes only occured maybe once every third day but over time they come more often.

Ive set timings and voltage in bios and im currently running them at 800 mhz speed.


Any suggestions on where to look next for a solution?

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The things ive set is:

Speed 800mhz

Timings 5-5-5-18

Row refresh 60

Load line calibration: enabled

Nb voltage 1.16

Dram voltage:1.80


Ive also disabled intel c1e support and intelspeedstep


All else is set to default, auto

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