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2 (Two) EPS 12V Connection?


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Hello I'm looking for a PSU for my Supermicro X8DAL-i M\B


I have 2 Xeon 5520 CPU's and one Quadro 5800 Card.


This MB has two EPS12V (8 Pin Each) Connections and I need a PSU to meet these requirements...


do you have any?


I heard that the HX850 has two connections as well as the HX1000

But I'm not sure, can you verify please?


Do you have anything else in mind?


Thank you very much



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Thank you !


Just wondering... I have read this Review from HardOCP and they state clearly, that the HX850 and the HX1000 are practically similar !


They also wrote specifically that the HX850 has 2 EPS 12V


Check out this image from them:



I obviously believe you... but maybe you can assure this... as I'm confused.


The 850HX is Out of stock by us... and I have only the HX1000 or the 750HX that perhaps also have these connections, as everybody says they (750-850HX) are almost identical.


Thank you again for your efforts.



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