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Could my HX1000 PSU be the problem...or is it my HD4870X2?


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I experience a strange flicker / visual lag while in game. Normal applications in Windows do not seem to be affected by this issue. It occurs in most any FPS including CoD4, CoD5, UT3, and Killing Floor. In the case of CoD, the problem arises as a) an unexpected drop in FPS, and b) lag/stutter which cannot be explained by ping or other factors (the in-game console indicates that I am getting a solid 90 fps even while this lag/stutter occurs). In the case of Killing Floor, it appears as a) the previously mentioned lag/stutter despite a stable framerate, and b) an odd flicker that can best be described as what an out-of-sync television would look like.


I have read up on this subject on various tech sites. Eliminating the obvious factors (driver updates/conflicts, CCC settings, enabling V-Sync) the main causes are either a faulty GPU or a failing power supply.


My question is this: how do I determine whether or not my HX1000 PSU is working properly?


Please note - I did a forum search for HD4870X2 with HX1000. No threads relevant to my question were found. Thus, I started this new thread. Thank you in advance to whomever can help.

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To see if it could be the power from the PSU causing the problem I would try connecting the graphics card to the other 12v rail. Here is a diagram which will show you which ports lead to which rails:




If identical problems remain, then I would suspect that the problem may be video card or software related.

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