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X128 Issue Discovered

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OK, I've been going literally nuts the past few days with random BSOD via Win7. Well I gave up and decided to run gparted and wipe the drives. I'm seeing one drive that has a sequential write of 224MB/s solid and the second that writes so erratically it's not even funny, the speeds go from 30 to 208MB/s. I'm using the dd 0's external writing method on both drives. The first time I wiped the drive it didn't get past 80MB/s the second time it got up to 208MB/s but either of those first two times I got low end results of 30MB/s. So for sake of argument I hooked the slow SDD to the SATA port the fast one was on and did it again, SAME THING.


At this point I believe that the BSOD are a result of these wild fluctuations and I need a BRAND NEW replacement drive advance exchanged for all this headache...:mad:

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