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HX1000W Seems to Have Died


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My computer was running at idle when it all of a sudden it powered down.

There was some electrical burning smell. No power light on the motherboard.

Would not powerup again. Checked all connections.


I did the paperclip test recommended here and on HardForum and the PSU did not do anything. So Im guessing that the PSU has failed.


Is there any other troubleshooting that I can do?


Thanks in advance

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Corsair you continue to amaze me!!! I just sent in the HX 1000 the end of Oct and already had a new one delivered today. Excellent service and turnaround.

I will always buy Corsair Products because of this. The PSU works fine too.


Now I do have one problem which Im not sure you could help me with.

When I installed the PSU into my Lian Li V1200 Plus case today I couldnt find the PSU mount adapter that fits on the back. Im thinking I may have sent it with the old PSU. Is there anyway to see if it is with the bad PSU that I sent in??


If not does anyone know where I can get another one?




Corsair and RAM GUY

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