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Question about memory set up


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Have the following memory modules both DDR2:

Two 1 GB CM2X1024-6400C4 800 MHZ

Two 2 GB CM2X2048-6400C5 800 MHZ


My first question is if i can pair those two setups at the same time for a total of 6GB system RAM.


Any overclocking experience with these memories?


Thanks for the time.

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I'd go with 4GB. That more than enough in most cases. You'll be able to run dual channel mode which gives a performance boost. Also, mixing module types and sizes makes it difficult to overclock or pin down stability issues. Is your motheboard an AM3?
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I was talking with a very informed person about the RAM configuration and tells me that 6GB works in dual channel mode.


My August Sir,


Values of memory above about 3GB will work in a 64 bit processing environment. The 32 bit environment's memory addressing can not think up numbers bigger than the 3GB limit and therefor can not address the extra memory. There are issues which vary in each rig but that is the bad news.


You can configure both memory values (4 or 6GB) to run in dual channel.


I am facing the same problem with an existing computer running in 32 bit that I have been trying to upgrade from 2GB to 4GB. Nothing I have been able to do will make the diagnostic programs see more than 2814 MB of RAM.


There is a good side, I found this pleasent Forum that I otherwise would not have known of.





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