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x64 BSOD after resume from standby


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I've seen this error a few times before - the reason for it according to Microsoft is either the cables are faulty, the drive is set as a slave (unlikely if it's your OS drive) or it could be that your CMOS battery needs replacing ..... the latter was discovered by another user who had *exactly* the same problem with the same stop error and changing the CMOS battery on the motherboard solved the problem .... give it a try :-)
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I have upgraded my Raid 0 F60s which had firmware 1.1 to 2.o and still get the BSOD F4 stop code on resume from sleep.


Additionally, I have tried memory on the QVL list and an Nvidia chipset video card (I have ATI) to no avail.


I only get the BSOD on resume from sleep. The Raid is on the Marvell controller.

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Thanks for the RC1 upgrade suggestion and I did.


Now I am getting INTERNAL-POWER-ERROR with stop code A0 on attempt to enter sleep mode.


Have only been able to find a solution via google to increase the hibernate system file, which I did to no avail and I do know that Sleep is different and does not use the hibernate file.


What to do now?

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