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New X64 and couple of doubts


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I'm a happy user of a x64GB running on Windows 7/NTFS. The drive is used in a laptop as a system drive. The computer is used mostly for office work. Now I've got some doubts about how to work with the system:

1.Since I have a lot of documents on the PC, the Windows Search feature comes in handy, especially with the ability to search inside documents. This however requires indexing to work, will this have any impact on my drive performance/reliability? I know that some recommend disabling indexing...

2.The 'self-healing' mechanism will do it's job every time the computer is idle... that means it is enough to leave it "on the desktop"? When this function is active is there any hdd activity (like the HDD led blinking)?

3. Is there any other way besides hdparm (gives an I/O error) and Hdderase (the computer hangs) to restore the drives performance? Does such operations decrease the drives life time?


Thanks in advance

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@ ea66


1: Disable "Windows Search" in the Services section of Adminstrative Tools (found in Control Panel) .... anything that writes regularly to the drive will eventually increase latency and degrade *write* performance - *reads* are not affected. If you want to go the extra length - right click your SSD in Windows Explorer and select options. On the first panel near bottom you will see a checkbox relating to Indexing - you can uncheck this box if you want (I would personally) ..... it will slow down searches but you will hardly notice the difference and it will help preserve performance.


2: The HDD light blinks about twice a second in general so it would not be something to rely upon to test the self healing - when the next firmware update becomes available it will most likely include the TRIM function, or there will a Wiper tool to do the same job.


3: Use G-Parted to restore performance - this involves wiping all data and you will need to reinstall everything; you can try imaging, but you could face problems if it is not executed correctly; Acronis is deemed to be the best option for imaging.


I'll be posting a comprehensive list of Tweaks for Windows 7 soon - I'm just waiting for my retail version to arrive (delayed thanks to the incompetance of the courier).

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Thanks for the answer, it cleared things up.

One more thing: Acer recommends installing Intel SATA AHCI driver on their laptops (Intel Storage Matrix). Is that really necessary... I had issues with this in the past so I'm not very exited about this...

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