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TW3X4G1600C9D - BSoD on Startup


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I thought that, as I was upgrading my OS to Windows 7 (on a new Intel X25-M 160gb SSD), I'd also upgrade my RAM from 4gb to 8gb.


My original RAM was TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX, and I upgraded to two pairs of TW3X4G1600C9D.


The RAM came yesterday, so I put it in to make sure it worked... one pair works perfectly well. With just the other pair in, the BIOS refuses to POST past "USBINIT", and with both pairs in it got to the "Starting Windows" screen (Win 7 RC) before blue-screening. I took the bad pair out and continued with 4gb.


The SSD and Win 7 came today (I don't know how I've lived without an SSD!), and after installing I put the bad pair of sticks back in, but met with the same problems.


Currently, the bad pair is back in its box, and my old 4gb is keeping 4gb of my new RAM company, but I'm not happy with mixing two different pairs of RAM.


My rig was self-built a year ago, and this is the first problem I've had with it. I know the motherboard isn't at fault because I've tried the bad pair in both pairs of DIMM slots, which currently hold two [working] pairs of 4gb.


Is there anyway to check that the RAM definitely is dud (bearing in mind that I can't boot with it in, which makes running MemTest kind of hard. My BIOS doesn't have any options to check RAM either, disappointingly)? Is it actually worth it - is it a dead pair, in which case is a replacement possible?




As a little aside, I tried checking the TSXpress page, but it refuses to go any further when I choose TW3X4G1600C9D as my memory model...

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