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Question about HX1000W


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i have just fitted a new HX 1000 but i have a couple of issues if anyone can please help me:-


My old PSU had a single white/black cable ending in a small white connector with 3 pins that plugged into the top right of the mother board as you look at it, the HX doesnt have this cable, is this important? Is it an earth cable?


After fitting the new HX my PC has shut down about five times, just power off on its own, at the moment it is running ok but any ideas why this happens?


i have 2 graphic cards installed one is powered by the modular PCIe cable and the other is powered by 2 plug in PCIe cables, should the plug in PCIe cables be plugged in side by side or one above the other or doesnt it matter?


Any help please?




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