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CMFSSD-64GBG2D suddenly DIED after 1 Day


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i installed my new OS (Windows 7) on 1 64 GB CMFSSD-64GBG2D and my games on another one.


In the middle of the install of a game the SSD disappeared from my computer. It cannot be detected in BIOS or anywhere else anymore.


I tried other cables, other SATA Ports, even another controller. Nothing. The Drive remains gone.


What the heck is that? After googling about this i found that forum here and read that so many people have exactly the same issue and that corsair is telling them to RMA all the drives.


How can you sell something that is obviously not built properly? I want my money back and i will RMA BOTH drives today. I cannot risk that my new OS is shutting down someday just because i rely on a not yet working technology.


Hope you solve those issues quick. :mad:


PS: My serial numbers are: 09390896-10910774 and 09390896-10910802. Maybe that helps you tracking down the taiwanese guy who slept in Q&A :)

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