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P128 for a Macbook Pro 15"


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I'm thinking in get a ssd for my MacBook 15".

It's new so it has the 1.7 EFI (has 1 month).


I'm interested in P128 model.


What worries me is the decrease of performance over time.

The FAQ says that the unit automatically correct this but ONLY with NTFS. As I have a macbook I use HFS.


So my question is can I avoid the decrease of performance in a macbook?

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I asked that because something I've seen in a review. In Techreport:




After been used a while, the response times grow to 15 times that of his factory-fresh scores. :bigeyes::bigeyes:


That make this unit over 6 times slower than the competition. It' quite a difference.

So it loses in the 4k random writes test with IOMeter. But, this degradation, can I notice it in real-world work? (open applications, moving trought the system...; I don't care much about copying files, because I usually use an USB hdd, cosiderably slower).


Now, I'm confused because in other review, this time at TweakDown:




They claim that Samsung has a Self-Healing feature but not "in a DOS application, Windows executable or any other user activated program. Self-Healing is built into the second generation Samsung controller and automatically trims the fat from the SSD bone"


Is that just for NTFS? Is Samsung working in something to avoid the decrease of performance?



PD: I'm quite interested in the Corsair ssd because is a Samsung, company that provides ssd to Apple, so it should be compatible with my macbook.

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Ok. I rather wait a bit and see what Samsung does and if Apple do something regarding ssd (like make SL support TRIM for example).


The Macbook Pro is quite special about what ssd work with it so it's better to be sure.


I'll keep reading the forum and wait to something come out

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