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CMX4GX3M2A1600C8 Problems with Gigabyte P55-UD4P


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Hi there, just recently i bought a new computer and its all been running sweet until a week later it starts having problems.


Its having alot of problems installing and running games (WoW in particular). I looked up all the possible forums to see what was causing my computer to lock up every 10 minutes during game play for about an hour it would then crash my whole computer. I have made sure all my video card drivers/directX/vista updates and all that are up to date and it still giving my grief. One of the threads i found told me to run some memory tests so i did. One of them showed over 100 memory errors before the test was even 1% complete.


The RAM sticks were orignally put in slots 2 and 4 so i changed them to slot 1 and 2 but didnt make much of a difference. I uninstalled wow to see if it was just corrupt game files but now my computer wont even install it. I have tried using the discs AND downloading the client from their website and it comes up with random sectors not being able to install, everytime.


I double checked with your RAM-Mobo Compatibility thread and it says my RAM is compatible with my mobo.


Extremely frustrating, 1 week old computer and its already showing its true colors.


Any help appreciated.




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You and me both having problems with this ram

Out of interest are you just using a single pair?

Your sticks should be in the white slots (otherwise its not dual channel).

Next change your DRAM voltage to 1.7 in bios and keep everything else as auto.

If that doesnt work, try 1.8v

If that doesnt work I suspect theyre genuinely faulty.

If that does work, then you could even try running them at full MhZ! (seems to work if you're only using a single pair)


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