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HX620 elctricity sound


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Hi, yesterday my hx620 started making a strange noise, when playing 3d games, or executing other high weight programs.

It makes 2 kind of sounds, the first is an high pitched sound, the second is more scary, and it's an electrical buzz, that becomes louder if for example I rise the vga voltage for overclocking.

I tried everything, and now I deatached the pc from the electrical line becouse that sound it's like it is about to explode.

I removed the psu from my pc and I putted it in the box.

I'm asking for a new working and safe psu, i bought it with other pc pieces on 30/10/2008.

I already sent an rma request, my ticket number is "Tech Support Express Case [1170163]"

I need that pc working as fast as possible.


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Are you able to duplicate the noise if you run the system in safe mode?


yes, it's the same story!

I think that something is broken inside, i have it for only 11 months :(:

I have done the package, and corsair sent me an rma number, i'm going to ship it tomorrow!

they will send me a new psu, or a regenerated one? i hope the 1st... :sigh!:

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