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Problem with CM2X1024-6400


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I have CM2x1024-6400 v1.4 (two modules). At first the computer was operating fine for about a month. Then the computer started freezing randomly and after a while the computer would not boot with these modules. My motherboard is asus P5B. I thought it was a compatibility issue so I put the modules in another PC with an Asus P5WDG2-WS motherboard. The same thing happened exactly (normal operation for 1-2 months then gradually increasing problems and finally it does not boot). I tried them to a third motherboard (Asus P5Q) and it does not boot. I put them back to my original Asus P5B (booted with another RAM and changed the voltage to 2.1V and manualy timings). Now the PC boots some times (but you need to swich it on and off a few times in order to boot). Finally in an Asus P5K Premium/Wi-Fi i tried to put the modules on they seem to work fine (although I only tried them for a few minutes). While the modules seemed to work fine on P5B I run memtest without any errors (same thing on P5WDG2-WS and P5K Premium/Wi-Fi). Note that I have another CM2x1024-6400 v5.1 which opperates fine in all the M/B mentionted above. Finally when I took them back on the shop I bought them from they said that the modules are fine (they run a memtest on them) but probably in a motherboard that didn't appear problems at first. I think that there are some problems with the modules is it possible to issue an RMA or am I' m missing something??
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