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Random freezes with X256

Nico de Vries

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Did some more testing. Reading data does not cause any problems, writing data makes it freeze. Seems comparable to several other posting on the forum with X drive. Seems like the X version has some serious problems.


I replaced the X256 with the VelociRaptor and the problems went away so I am fairly certain the problem is with the X256.


What is the smart thing to do here. Get it replaced? (Did anyone get a new version of the X256 that properly works?) Get a refund? Wait for new firmware to solve the problem? Is it possible to get it replaced when it is bought from the Netherlands?

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All of our recent X256 drives have been corrected and fixed. =)
Unfortunately this is not the case. The new drive you sent me has exactly the same problems as the previous one. It still causes the system to completely freeze at random moments. I switched back to the VelociRaptor again, which never has this kind of problems.


As you can probably understand I do not want to try this again. How exactly can I get a refund for my X256 drive?

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