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X128 Died

Jason D

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First time I have posted on a forum so not completely sure I know what I am doing so please be patient. I have been having a similar problem with my X128 PN: CMFSSD-128D1 it worked well for about 2 weeks with a clean installation of vista. I then suddenly started having problems with windows, it was still running but was doing strange things rebooted a couple of times and then it would not boot up, checked the BIOS and the drive was no longer being detected. I replaced the drive cables and the BIOS still could not detect drive. Refitted the drive that this SSD drive replaced and it booted up first time with no issues. I have read through most of the posts on this forum relating to drives being detected and have a few questions.


Is there anything I should do / check before assuming this drive is a dud?


Should I wait before returning this drive, is there a potential fix in the pipeline or is this drive now useless?


Is there any point in returning this drive for a replacement until the issue has been fixed or should I just ask for a refund?



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My X128 just died an hour ago, I'm VERY upset since my main operating system was running there, and it's a visualization host I use a lot for research purposes. Hopefully, I've not been dumb enough to store my important data on the SSD itself, I prefer relying on my Caviar RE RAID1 array and my Velociraptors for VMs.


I'll contact Corsair support, and my reseller too, to see which option is best.


I don't want any P-Series, since it's based on a Samsung controller, so if Corsair isn't able to provide a satisfying answer, then I'll get it reimbursed and move to an OCZ Vertex series, or even better, to an Intel Postville 160 GB (which I use in my laptop with great joy).

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