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Asus P6T Deluxe v2 and TR3X6G1600C8D


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Hi, i open this post because i have a lot of problems with my kit of DDR3 memory.


i have TR3X6G1600C8D, and is mounted with:


core i7 920 d0 batch 3913 @ 4ghz, 1,248 vcore.

bclk 200 x 20

uncore 3200

memory frec: 1603

dram voltage 1.66v

qpi voltage (tried with:) 1.20,1.22,1.24,1.25,1.27,1.29,1.30,1.32,1.35,1.37,1.40 and 1.45.

cpu pll 1,88

ioh 1,18

rest settings to auto.


with this settings, prime95 test blend, always show BSOD (blue screen).


is the memory damaged? i think itsnt normal that corsair modules cant run better than this, or at a lower qpi voltage.


the only way to run stable and rock solid, is putting uncore lower than 3200, for example: 2400. but this is not good option for nobody.


what can i do? thanks



pd. sorry my poor english.

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when reset bios, and use xmp, at default cpu core and/or oc, if select low uncore, it run perfect, but, if select 3200uncore (1603mhz DDR3) always reboot or hang, this weekend i am changed memory modules to another socket. i am trying now prime95 blend. i will post results.



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at qpi 1.35 system hang, no reboot.



now, corei7 at default speed, all auto except vdram fixed at 1.66, and qpi dram vtt fixed at 1.35. memory speed 1600mhz, timmings to auto. uncore 3200.


test OK @stock after 4hours prime95 blend.


test fail @4ghz, 1,248 vcore, 1.66 vdram, 1.35 qpi, rest options auto. after 1h reboot....

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normally.. nothing is normally, sometimes get random bsod "03" "50" "3b", sometimes system hang.. but, the last try, i only recived after 4hours "fatal error: rounding.." with vcore at 1.248, vtt 1.90, vqpi 1.47!!, uncore 3200, bclk 200, multi 20, energy saver options disabled, memory 1603mhz, vdram 1,7v!, rest options auto.
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yes, i7 920 D0 batch 3913 at 4ghz. bclk 200x20. Liquid cooled. temps around 62-66ºC at 100% load.


tested with another 17 920 D0 batch 3924, same problem.



Hi extrem69,


which liquid system are you using. I would like to buy a liquid cooling for whole system.

Any recomendations would appreciate.

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