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compatibility issue with ram


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now i know that you are not supposed to mix ram but i have not run into any trouble with it until I got a pair of 1 gb 184 pin dimm pc 3200 corsair value select ram sticks.


I gave one stick to my parents and kept one for myself. the problem is i cannot get it to run with another stick of ram, which is the exact same specifications and size as the stick of valueselect ram I have here. i put the stick in by itself and it runs fine. i put the other stick in and it runs fine. trouble is, when i put them in together, the system turns on but no post or anything. not even video. the other stick runs fine with a stick of 512mb that I have that is the same exact speed as all the other sticks of ram i have. i have not tried the valueselect with any other sticks but i am not sure what the problem is. any ideas would be helpful.

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