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Dumped CM-V8 and fitted Corsair H50


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My CPU temps were ROCKETING to 100 degrees within a few seconds of running Prime95's torture test, and idling was in the 50's so the CM V8 had to go.


I bought a Corsair H50 water cooling system today and installed it a few minutes ago. What a difference!!!! It now idles in the 30's and stays well within the limits even when "tortured" with Prime's 8 threads!





When overclocked to 4.0GHz, it still stays cool in the 40's and even when tortured it still only reaches the 80's.





Of course I could never push the CPU to the extremes that Prime95 torture test does, so I ran DCS Black Sharked with every setting absolutely MAXED OUT with the 2.6GHz overclocked to 4GHz and the maximum temperature through my game was 68 degress. I'd call that pretty damned good!





And it's so quiet too!! VERY happy with my purchase. And a doddle to install.


Here's some pix of my rig. Note that there's a ram module missing - it's faulty and being RMA'd.









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