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TR3X6G1333C9 ASUS M4A78T-E Random Lock up on boot


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I'm not sure where else to go. The system is brand new all the hardware and case. Not always but sometime if the pc has been off for a little while on boot up it crashes as it loads into windows vista 64. Hard lock, no blue screen no error message. You have to power it down and reboot it. Usually on the second boot its fine. I haven't tweaked anything in the bios. Though I did update the bios and all hardware drivers. ie video sound ect. The thing that is odd is that it doesn't happen all the time. Seems random.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss.


thank you.

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I confirm this solution worked for me, too.


For other users, simply apply in BIOS, AI Tweaker menu, the 2 following options:


DRAM VOLTAGE = 1,7 (type in directly, BIOS shows it in yellow, maybe a BIOS limit?)





However, after 4-5 months trying to solve this problem, I would add

a little notice for CORSAIR guys, Business and webmaster:

that is, you should provide clear specifications/explanations about how

to configure the DIMM.


-- First issue: my DIMM part number are not referenced in main site ?


CPUID (SPD tab) shows : Corsair CM3X2G1333C9

Everest : Corsair XMS3 CM3X2G1333C9


CORSAIR site search functions does not reference "CM3X2G1333C9"

but only "CM3X2G1333C9S2".

My installed DIMM (first part#) does not appear anywhere!


The second part# (with ending "s2") only appears in Memory Configurator, "Search by part number" (http://www.corsair.com/configurator/) but it is does NOT includes the

the part# of my installed DIMM.


--- Second issue: CORSAIR does not explain the coding of part numbers ?


In my case, the key word to search was "XMS3" (thanks to Everest!).


So I finally find a FAQ forum message that is out-dated from 20 june 2007



This FAQ (about "XMS3") should appear in better location.


-- Third issue : please do not assume that each customer is a overclocker!!!


The description of "CM3X2G1333C9S2" says

DDR3, 1333MHz, CAS9, 2GB, dual rank 204-pin small outline dual in-line memory module (SODIMM)

Utilizes the high performing IC modules thoroughly tested for maximum interoperability and reliability

Three year warranty

Guaranteed operation 2 up 1066 base operation, 1333 at XMP settings (programmable VDIMM to 1.7 volts required)

RoHS Compliant



Usually, I do not require long technical explanations, but in this case, a reference

to a Glossary or FAQ about these obscure specifications would be welcome.

What is important here, is to understand that "vDIMM to 1.7 volts required" means

that a BIOS hack is needed !


Please notice that if the Corsair's Site is able to provide a wolrdwide list of

motherboard and compatibility tables, "a fortiori", Corsair should be able to specifiy

that for ASUS M4A78T-E, motherboards, using a 1333 frequency _requires_ a 1.7 volts

in the BIOS....


--- Fourth issue :

To find an answer to the issue, I have har to go to HelpDesk



Select in the product list "CM3X2G1333C9S2" (again, "CM3X2G1333C9" doesn't exist)


Answer has been found in thread:




Conclusion: I spent 4-6 month because an unusable specification.


Thanks anyway, but be sure I am not a satisfied customer.

Next time, I do not think I will buy Corsair. Sorry.

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