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Identifying firmware on P-series


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Just got myself a P64, how do I know what firmware it has?

I've seen people here talking about a sticker on the back of the drive, but mine is totally empty there. The only printed info is on the front, stating that it's manufactured 0936 and the numbers 0180 which don't seems to be any known firmware.

Is there any way to check firmware through some software? Doesn't look like Samsung will give us a TRIM-ready one today, and I don't want to be stuck with the "old", not self-healing, one.


EDIT: Oups, sorry for that, found out that CrystalDiskInfo reads the firmware with no problems!

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Well, no need really as the disk seems DOA anyway.

Got the same symptoms as this guy:



Only difference is that the disk worked fine for a few hours.. Installed W7 without problems, then everything started to freeze every few minutes. A few reboots later, BAM - bluescreen and disk gone from BIOS forever. Have tried different SATA-ports and different cables with no luck, the disk is simply dead.


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