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MBP 13" Raid0 with Corsair X... or P... ??


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Hey Guys,


got a new Macbook Pro 13" (the latest one, Mid2009)


Now i wanna install SSD´s, but not shure if the would work in Macbook Pro Raid0.


Found the thread where it was tested but with time delays. Found another Thread where it´s ok and incredibly fast.


So i´m not shure if it is working or not.


And another Question: which drive should i buy? X128 or P128?


Has anybody tested X128 in Raid0 Config on a 13" macbook pro mid2009 ??


Thanx for help....


best regards


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oh, ****....


2 Corsair X128 will be delivered tomorrow.


Will check it in the MBP if it is working.


But why you suggest P-Series? X-Series is much faster i´ve heard.


Hm, ok. we will see.


As said above i´ve read hundreds of views about macbook and ssd´s in raid0 config.


So hope it will work for me.


what i am a little bit worried about is healing option with indilinx controller, but hope there will be a solution in the next weeks.


So, do you think X128 is definetly not working? Because of Indilinx Controller?


Want to have speed, so i decided to go with X128.


But if your Engineers failed with that in the Macbook Pro 13" Mid2009, i will send back the X128 directly.




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NO I suggested the performance series because there are virtually no users reporting any problems with them, not there is an issue with the Extreme series just seems to be a few more having issues. I suspect mostly because of the increased performance. 98% chance there will be no problems.
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