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P128 vs Raptor Benchies


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I cloned the Raptor boot drive to the P128, and ran HDTune on both drives.






I am pleased with the benchmarks, but since the P128 has the original registry it is possible that it may be searching for missing exe files and seems slow to bootup. It seems slow to me.


Quick formatted with 32K clusters and clean installed the Win7 64 home premium:


CrystalDiskMark 2.2

Sequential Read : 207.948 MB/s

Sequential Write : 184.816 MB/s

Random Read 512KB : 167.952 MB/s

Random Write 512KB : 127.981 MB/s

Random Read 4KB : 21.496 MB/s

Random Write 4KB : 7.429 MB/s

Test Size : 100 MB








Also it takes about 15 seconds from end of posting, when the windows boot screen starts, to get to the password page. Pretty zippy.

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Seagate Disc Wizard, it's free. All I did was run it, with the source drive/target drive options.


I plan to run the Win7 upgrade when I get it because of all the games I have installed. If that proves buggy, then I'll do a clean install, but I dread having to install over 40 games and all the patching.


Don't get me wrong on the speed, it seems to boot ok, its just hanging a bit as if its sorting the registry for missing crap.

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I would suggest running HDD Erase on the SSD Drives then Quick format them with 32k Allocation size and run the test with ATTO or Crystal Disk Bench Mark.

But the performance should be about 220 MB/s sequential read and 180 MB/s sequential write as long as they are not the Boot drive if you using them as a Boot drive I would expect the performance to drop slightly usually about 10%.

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