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Does this prove one RAM stick is down???


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Hi all, Tom from Bolton, UK here.


Got new PC a couple of weeks ago (Asus P6T Deluxe V2, i7 920 DO) and when it arrived I found that it had 6Gb of 1600MHz "branded ram;):" memory in it instead of the Corsair Ram I'd ordered. I've used Corsair memory for many years and was determined to continue, so I rang the company (CyberPowerSystems) and they promptly sent be a pack of Corsair CMX6GX3M3A1600C9 in exchange.


I installed the ram modules and powered up using the settings already in the bios (latest version 0610). Although CPU_Z reported 6Gb, now Windows Vista64 reported 4Gb. Whoops! Shouldn't have changed!


Reading through all the myriad threads relating to "missing ram", I tried allsorts of settings as recommended in the various posts and ran Memtest until I was blue in the face. No amount of tweaking got me my full 6Gb.


So tonight, I removed the three ram sticks and numbered them T1, T2 and T3.


I put two sticks in two at a time into the P6T V2 motherboard and recorded the outcome as shown in the diagram below. Surely this test indicates without any doubt that T1 is faulty? Or am I being thick?






What do I do next Corsair Support Ppl ?



TIA, Tom.

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