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Long time purchaser, first time poster here. I've purchased Corsair memory exclusively for all of the systems I've built and I have yet to have to take advantage of the RMA process. Here is my story :



Part 1.


The reason I am here posting is that my TR3x6G2000C8GT set no longer functions. I am able to get one of the sticks to boot to Windows, but if more than one is installed, the system does not even post for me. This set appeared to work well at first, but without even attempting any sort of overclock, the machine would sometimes reboot on me unexpectedly. I purchased a new pair of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 that is in the system now and it works flawlessly. I tried to fill out the online form but my memory was not available from the dropdown menu, nor did they list my motherboard. Being fairly mainstream equipment, this was surprising to me, and perhaps I was referencing the wrong numbers. Any help in getting this set straight would be appreciated.



Part 2.


My previous system was an EVGA 680i (122-CK-NF68-AR) that I am proud to display on my wall as my Purple Heart of the PC Enthusiast world. I had a tremendous amount of issues with EVGA Technical support in resolving system instability and post errors. I basically threw money at it to try and solve the problem. I have, in my hands, 2 x TWIN2x2048-6400C4D with 1 bad stick each, tested with Memtest, as well as a 4-pack of CM2X1024-8500C5D that every stick is toast. The 4-pack was bought as a single kit with the fan assembly.


I am curious if I can do one large RMA for all of the chips and ship them in a single package or if I need to do an RMA for each set. Any assistance that could be offered would be appreciated. I am the IT Director for a major medical facility so technical knowledge isn't the shortfall here. I'm always prepared to listen and learn if you've got advice for me.

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1. Does it boot with any individual stick installed, or only a specific one? Use CMG4GX3M2A2000C8 as the part number, and in the notes specify you have the older part number.


2. Never seen a 4 stick kit (4x1GB) like that. It's pretty much impossible to have 4 bad sticks from a kit, as well as one bad stick in 2 other kits like that. The odds are almost astronomical. Was there something wrong with the board? Which memtest did you use (should have been Memtest86+, link on the sidebar), and did you test one stick at a time at rated voltage with Legacy USB support disabled?


AFAIK you'd have to do one RMA form for each kit, however it'd probably be faster just to call them @ 1-888-222-4346.

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1. Yes, only 1 stick now posts out of the 3.


2. Let me clarify in that I'm now quite certain is was the motherboard hungry for memory. All of the kits involved worked originally. Even the 4-pack worked for approximately 6 months before stability collapsed and then no longer worked. I have 3 other TWIN packs that made it out alive. That is why I list the 680i as a Purple Heart. EVGA kept having me troubleshoot various other issues such as timings and slots etc. Ultimately, I replaced the board and never had another issue. At that point, the memory I have listed was already damaged by the bad board.

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