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TR3X6G1866C7GTF unstable at 1.56v


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With LanParty X58-T3eH8.

Initially I had run this Ram at the max voltage of 1.65, and overclocked the CPU slightly (150 BCLK) whilst leaving the RAM under clocked with very lenient timings (10-10-10-24 2T).

This did not proof 100% and I've had a BSOD, every other day.

I had run this config for two months, after every BSOD I would adjust CPU/VTT voltage and make sure I don't violate any i7 rules (DRAM Freq x 2 < Uncore Freq < QPI Freq).


So I decided to set everything to stock. I used the "Load Optimized Settings" from the Bios Menu. I noticed that the Memory Voltage was reset to 1.56.

Because I wanted everything at stock, that is what I left it on.

This config caused immediate BSOD. Approximate takes about 5mins to cause it.


My concern is now that I have seen how unstable the RAM is at just 0.09V less and still strongly under clocked with lenient timings, that this is the cause of my sporadic BSOD. Apparently you are not permitted to run the DRAM at more then 1.65V with i7 so I am unsure that my PC can ever be 100% stable with this RAM kit.

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I am thinking of leaving my CPU at stock speed, and run the RAM at specification. (reverse of what I had been doing of first trying to get the CPU to settle in at higher clock)



7-8-7-20 values at 1866MHz at 1.65V Vdimm


If that causes immediate BSOD, could I get an RMA?

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Didn't look good.

I have done these tests and all resulted in BSOD (1A and 7E)

All test at stock BLCK of 133. VTT at 1.4v DRAM at 1.65

QPI x 24 Uncore x30 DRAM x14 (1862mhz) 10-10-10 timings (BSOD during Windows boot - This could be caused because Uncore is faster then QPI)

QPI x 24 Uncore x24 DRAM x12 (1596mhz) 7-8-7 timings and 10-10-10 (Both BSOD fast)

QPI x 22 Uncore x20 DRAM x10 (1330mhz) 7-8-7 timings (BSOD).


I have now removed one of the RAM modules (and it seems to be better), but I will enter a RMA. I heard I can only RMA the set, which is OK since I can borrow a DDR3 Module.


My lessons learned is to get more "regular" RAM and to stress test RAM before moving on to the CPU. I cannot believe this RAM cannot work at 1.56V/1033mhz/10-10-10 and requires a Voltage increase right off the bat.

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