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Possible Ram Issues. R3X6G1600C7


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Hi guys,


I have the ram in the title.


The issue I am having is Windows will not load at times, last 3-4 reboots it has loaded fine but at time after the loading bar finishes, it is suppose to go on the the bit when the Vista orb appears then boots to desktop. Just before th orb appears I get stuck on a black screen.


With a lot of testing I am trying to narrow down the issue, sort of down to Motherboard or Ram.


With the Ram, on a non overclocked i7 920, am I best to run it at 1600Mhz? and of cause 1.65v.


If I run this lower(Not sure why I would? heat?) Will my motherboard run this at correct voltage? 1333Mhz is 1.5v for this ram, right?


I have passed memtest tests, so the ram is giving no errors, so I am assuming there is no issues?

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