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Curious problem with HX1000


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Hi everyone, here is a strange problem I met earlier. Would appreciate any advice.

Initially I've upgraded my rig with this wonderful PSU because of lacking Wt-age (with new gtx280 PC just powered off after a minute of gaming in almost any new titled game). I've upgraded PSU to HX1000 and everything seems normal, but after complete power offs (with power cable disconnected) PC always started with BIOS reset to default (including time setting - so I doubt it was a work of some stress overclock protection). I thought it's a problem of my old ASUS P5N32-SLI mobo (dead 3V battery my guess) and within a few weeks fully upgraded my rig to i7 base with new ASUS mATX Gene MoBo. I was really surprised with same BIOS problem returned to me -everytime I completely power off my rig, BIOS is fully cleared. I tried to replace 3V battery but still no luck (got bunch of them so I doubt it's dead battery anyway). I'm 100% sure problem is in my PSU (only PSU and GTX280 stayed from my old rig, and I doubt it's video card :D:), because same problems were revealed on my old MoBo right after new PSU showed up.

I would appreciate any advice on how to solve this problem. Thanks

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