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HX450W PCI-e cable installation


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The two PCI-e cables that came with my HX450W PSU each have a 6-pin molex on one end, and 6+2 pin molex connectors on the other end.


What I am wondering is if it's ok to plug the 6+2 end (i.e. just the 6 pin connector) into the PSU. This gives me a cleaner installation plugging the 6-pin ends into the graphics card.


In other words, does it matter which way I plug this cable into the PCU, since both ends have the same 6-pin PCI-e molex connectors?




Also, just to check this power supply is capable of running an ATi Radeon 5850? I have one installed, but currently suffering from "ati2dvag infinite loop" BSOD, with XP SP3. Windows 7 arrives in a week so hopefully that will help.

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