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TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF Ram is failing memtest ver 4.00 and 2.11


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Dear Ram Guy,


My system seems to be working fine, which is weird. I have tried detuning frequency and or timings, and bumping Ram and NB Voltages above spec and this same address keeps appearing no matter what I do to remedy the problem.


The problem seems to be hardware.


Should I RMA the RAM ? how long does an RMA usually take as no RAM in my system means no system until furthere notice . . . : (


Thank you,








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The weird thing is I can get the ram to post up until 1191 MHz Frequency (at C666-18 WHICH IS AWESOME 2.26 V, benchmarks and all) but at stock cpu settings and at only DDR2 800 C555-18 Settings (1.8V) Still the same message.


Do you know what the specific message means ? I included it in the attached pictures...


I get the error message under all test conditions I've tried.


Also I've not been able to get the ram to run at 1066 C555-15 at stock speed let alone OC Speed (Yes with it at 2.1 V, even with a few extra voltage points in the NB) since day one.


Now this is a new thing, this error message. I have had my system since May 2009 and it has been working really well.


Let alone that running the ram at 950 MHz is under the EPP 1066 Spec for this kind of top of the line DDR2 Ram, my system is still under its 1 year warranty from NCIX so maybe I'll talk to them, I'm pretty sure they'll RMA it to our local Corsair office in Richmond BC (I'm in Vancouver BC in Canada). I just wanted to consult your expertise because I thought there was an off chance there was a software glitch


Under my current settings, I can run prime95 for prolonged periods, it passes the OCCT blend test as well as Inteliburn. What gives ? I'm running my system right now under the ram that's giving the error message, is it a false message or something actually bad ?


I just don't know what to think,



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