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Popcorn hour NMT A-110


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Dear Support,

I bought a media player two weeks ago, and I try to use my Corsair USB-stick with it... but I've got a problem.


I wrote to support of Popcorn about this problem, but they said I should try to ask some help here, 'cause this problem isn't NMT-problem.


I have a Flah Voyager 8Gb. I uploaded some .avi files, plugged into NMT and nothing happened... no blue flash, I can't see in NMT's root

My colleague has a same stick just a little bigger...it has 16Gb capacity... and that's working properly, when I plug into my NMT. :bigeyes:


This media player have OS... some Linux.

I can agree, if somebody say "perhaps, you should format my USB to EXT3"... this is okay...

but my colleague's stick has the same format... FAT32. :confused:


I tried to format to NTFS... same as FAT32, not working ... but I don't want to use linux format if I don't need to.


Anybody, can you help me, please?



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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but it is not uncommon for our flash drives to not work in these types of devices because they cannot use USB Devices through a USB Hub.

You can ask the maker of the device if it use a USB drive connected to a USB HUB if so then it should work.

As far as it working with the 16 Gig it is just a fluke or because of the controller used in that specific drive.

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