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2 of 6 CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 reporting as CM3X2G1866C9D


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hey there, i just got a 12g kit: cmd12gx3m6a1600c8


for some reason in cpu-z and memtest86 2 of the 6 sticks are being reported as cm3x2g1866c9d... the other sticks are reporting correctly. i switched them around to different slots thinking maybe it was a mobo issue. didn't fix it.


attaching screenshots of cpu-z for each slot. missing slot 6 because the forum wont let me upload more than 5 files. the problem sticks are in slots 3 and 5.


is this something i need to worry about?








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so, even though 2 of the sticks were mislabeled, you think they're actually the same part?


it's supposed to be a "matching set". does this have any relevance to that? i mean i'd presume that if 2 of the six sticks were labeled differently, they'd have to be from different batches or something... does it matter?


i haven't manually setup memory in the BIOS before. any tips?


i ran into a post on another forum that mentioned a SPD flashing utility... would it be worth using such a thing to correct the mislabeling?


i'd rather not have to RMA the set as it's the only RAM i have at the moment, so i'd be computerless till i got the replacement...

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