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TR3X6G1866C9DF Kit Questions

Roger Rines

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I just purchased the TR3X6G1866C9DF kit because I wanted the Memory Cooling Fan assembly along with the memory. When I opened the box I found three separate memory packages, each containing a single memory stick, and a box containing the fan assembly.


Finding separate packing for the memory seemed strange because I had historically always bought my Corsair DDR channel memory as matched pairs, all contained within a single package. This history set the expectation that a matched set of three sticks would also be contained within a single package.


There was no documentation of any kind in the box, and the box label that seemed to signify that the contents were sealed didn't appear to be broken, so I have no information on why the pattern of matched memory delivery might have change, or even how to properly install the fan assembly.


Can I assume that the three sticks were matched by Corsair, and not something the vendor just tossed into a box to create a 6-Gig kit?


Mounting the fan assembly seemed simple. Attach the brackets to the fan using the supplied screws, and place the brackets over the top of the memory stick capture levers that each stick must have closed for proper seating.


This looks like a simple design, but I found that even though the assembly mounted easily, and seemed fairly secure in that it wouldn't lift off, it was easy to slide the fan assembly toward the CPU fan, or away from it thus allowing the fan cooling direction to not evenly distribute air to each of the installed sticks.


This sliding mounting approach left me wondering if there shouldn't have been some form of a rubber shield applied, rubber dip, or slid over the brackets location where it sits over the peak of the memory closing lever to create a more secure mount installation.


Can anyone shed some light on whether the fan assembly should slide easily, or not?

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Hello Wired,

OK on the fan assembly not being secure. I'll try to find something to slip onto the ends of the bracket to keep it from moving over time.


As for the memory, I wonder if there is a way I can be sure the memory has checked by Corsair, or at least understand how I might check it here, if that is even a reasonable task to take on?


With the memory question in mind, what kind of issues might I experience if the modules were not matched?

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Yes - all three sticks had the same lot number.


None of the stick had seals on their plastic containers. It didn't even look like a seal had been applied to any of the containers. In addition, none of the stick plastic containers had any identifying information, but each stick had a label that showed data that was the same across each of the sticks.


There was a seal on the larger cardboard box containing the sticks and the memory stack cooler, and that seal was not broken. Cooler was in a small box and all packages were loose in the cardboard box. There was no documentation included.


Thanks for the support.



Box seal and the memory stick details:



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