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I want my bracket


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On the 10/10/09 I ordered the AMD bracket for my H50 which is still sitting on the top of my wardrobe getting dusty. I though It'll take a couple of days to deliver the bracket, but no it's still pending and has been pending all week. I have also emailed customer services and to my shock no one has replied to my question.


So I had try and order another bracket thinking it may be my card not working, though I'm having to guess what the problem is as no one from customer services will reply to my emails. So i order another bracket today to see if it will work on another card and now that one is still processing.


All I want is the dam bracket, can someone please help me :mad:


I've even tried asking people for a bracket on other forums, the people who got their brackets delivered in the box with the new version the same version that came out 2 days after i ordered mine.

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