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Random Freezing - Possible RAM voltage solution


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Hi all,


I've constructed a new computer about 4 months ago and pretty much since that time there have been instances of Random freezing. This could happen at any time, I could be surfing the internet, playing a game, writing a document and it would just suddenly stop, no input allowed at all and the only option would be to restart. I've tracked it down to a certain Vista error called WMI error Event ID 10 in event viewer, and it seems I'm certainly not the only one to have the problem. I've taken it back to the store where I've bought it, they told me it was a 'software error' and said it was fixed. I got it back a few days ago, it continues to crash and it seems that all they've done is remove the error from being logged in Event viewer (which was the suggested "fix" by Microsoft on their website).


After doing some searching myself one of the only possible solutions that was offered by another person with the problem was to up the DRAM voltage. I've got the Corsair TW3X4G1333C9 4 GB pack, both of the RAM chips are rated at 1.5v on the stickers. I'm just wondering what voltage should I up the RAM to, and whether this is a viable solution to my problem?



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