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Recovering corrupted files on a Corsair Survivor 4GB


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Well, after two years and four months, my Corsair Survivor has had its first internal problem. It worked fine yesterday, but this morning I plugged it into my laptop, and it popped up the dreaded,


The disk in drive X is not formatted.

Would you like to format it now?


I keep my Very Important Documents on a hidden partition and was able to retrieve them without any trouble (those were five scary minutes, though). But Windows doesn't recognize the partition on the main part of the drive at all.


I ran my old copy of EasyRecovery Pro on it, but it was only able to recover about 60% of the data. Actually, it recovered about 80% of the files, but many of them were themselves corrupted upon inspection. I looked over the recovery, and the newer the file, the less likely it was to be recovered. SO, I have all my Very Important Documents, but all of my college coursework for this semester is apparently gone.


Or is it? Is there another utility I can run to do a more intensive recovery of the flash drive? I already tried a partition repair program, but it didn't recognize the drive at all. I don't want to try reformatting the drive until I've exhausted all possibilities of recovering the lost data on it.


Also, ought I to send the drive in to Corsair for testing? I'm very meticulous about properly ejecting the drive before I unplug it, to prevent data loss (for all the good it did me). I'm not sure I'm willing to trust this flash drive with my Very Important Documents (and homework) until it's been properly tested to make sure the data loss wasn't caused by failure of the drive hardware.


So yes. I had to retype a Philosophy 215 paper this afternoon because the original file is inaccessible, at best. Is there any help for me?



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You should try a program called Pandora Recovery, it has helped me on many occasions and includes a sector scanner, hopefully this will help you, good luck!


EDIT: Also has a nifty Surface Scan!@!


I just installed it, and it won't access the drive at all (it tells me the drive is "not ready"). I assume it's because the partition information has been damaged. Is there any way to work around this?

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Hmm, try a program called Undelete Plus, iv'e only seen "Drive not ready" once when trying to eject a CD from a failing drive..


EDIT: Also i hear Active@ Partition Recovery for Windows is good.


Sorry if i'm not being much help, i only ever mess around with partitions when Cloning or recovering deleted files..

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  • Corsair Employees

We can replace the drive for you, however we do not offer any type of data recovery software or services. If the data is important then you may want to review the article here: http://www.corsair.com/_appnotes/AN803_CommonIssues_HelpfulTips_DLoss_DCorruption.pdf. for some data recovery advise. You may also want to check out websites such as http://www.download.com and http://www.softpedia.com and search for "USB Data Recovery," to see if you can find some freeware/shareware that may help you recover the data. If all else fails then you may need to contact a local data recovery service center to find out if the data is recoverable.




Let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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