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Corsair 400W - How do you detach the 20+4 pin connector?


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Hi all,


I have a Corsair 400W and want to test my friend's PC which requires a 20 pin connection. I am unable to take the 4 pin off. I can't plug it in because there is a heatsink in the way.


Is there a visual instruction to take it apart?


I forgot how it laches, but I see one small part and was trying to push it down, but got no where.


Thanks for any help in advance.

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I actually have the same P/S you speak of,I thought this must be obvious since I was able to detach the 4 off the 24 on my TX 850. Suprise for me as the 4 on the 400 is not held on the same way the 4 on the 850 are. You can clearly see how to detach the 4 on the 850,not so on the 400W. I will have to let someone else help you,but I did look and I can seee why you ask.
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