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Firmware Update for X128 SSD?


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I noticed that there are no firmware updates for my SSD, which is the Corsair eXtreme X128GB, and i'm wondering if i will see any updates for it shortly?


i'm just curious because the other SSD's like the (P series have firmware available) "Sorry i was wrong, the P series has different firmware revisions but not flashable by the end user."Plus, When flashing with the new firmware will it Erase my SSD, Because i got it just the way i like it, windows installed, programs ect..

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I'm also getting the dreaded performance drop people are talking about!! NOES :[pouts:




NOTE: I did not benchmark the second picture's 512k and 4k because i heard it dramatically lowers life of the SSD


Plus, i dont want my performance dropping below 100MB for write..

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Unfortunately the firmware issue is one which is out of the hands of Corsair (and any other SSD m/f) as it is a thrid party that generates the firmware; X series is Indilinx and the P series is Samsung.


Performance drop will occur after use because of the latency caused by the drive's firmware (not the drive itself) failing to clean up after itself. Once the firmware issues are sorted out then performance should be restored; that said, however, your drive will never get back to factory fresh performance because you are using the drive and any drive, whether spinning or SSD will lose "some" performance in general use.


I would surmise from what I've read and gleaned from other sources that the firmware update will require the drive being wiped, but don't hold me to that until it is actually released lol :-)


On another note - SSDs are not fragile in the sense that you will "dramatically" shorten the life by benchmarking; it will have a very small impact but not life threatening. Because these drives are still relatively new technology only theories are available for life expectancy. However, these theories are based on the R&D by the companies who manufacture the NAND units and according to Samsung (the major supplier to almost all SSD m/f) you could fill up your drive, delete all the contents and reformat several times a day and you still wouldn't touch the life expectancy of your drive within your lifetime; unless you're planning on living for the next 100+ years lol.


Don't wrap you're drive in cotton wool - it was made to be used and it will perform better than any spinning drive out there .... performance loss is only associated with the writes (until firmware sorts that out) and for most people once you have your drive the way you want it then read spead is more important. Check out the numbers in the above post; whilst the writes have dropped the reads have actually improved. Whilst it's nice to have both on equal par I know which way I would rather swing ;-)

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