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I just completed my new i7 build with the 800D. Great case, and I had no quality issues with mine. It is huge! I worked on the case in my shop to do some mod's, its big but I did not realize how big until I had to carry the thing to my office, and it now towers over me. One thing I would point out is the wires behind the mobo tray can build up, and bow out the side panel if you dont strap them tight. Maybe in future cases make it 9.5 inches wide for a bit more room for cable routing. Its so big anyway, whats another half inch.


Be that as it may, the cable mgmt in this thing is really second to none. I used plastic wire straps to pull the wires in tight, so my side panel looks flush. I have been building for 15 years, and this was the cleanest by far. I disagree with all the digs on the airflow, it works fine for me and my temps are reasonable, but I did have to add fans. I put the H50 in as an intake and added a dust filter, so that helped to.


Also went with a GPU that cool's itself, to reduce case heat. Anyway, running stable now for 2 days.


This is what I did;


Corsair 800D

Corsair H50 (Intake Setup)

Corsair 750HX Modular

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6

Intel i7 2.8 Socket 1156

******** 8GB DDR3 2000

******** Mem Cooler

HIS GPU w/IceQ fan cooler

WD 10K RPM 150GB Sata3 Raptors Raid 0 (Boot Drives)

Seagate 1TB Sata3 Raid 1. (Data Drives)

Zalman MFC-3 Fan Controller

3x Coolermaster Blue LED Fans (Top)

1x 120mm Fan lower (Disk Cage)

Plexor SATA CD/DVD Burner






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I purchased 2, 1 was a magnetic 140mm filter that was too big, then I purchased a 120mm filter that I made magnetic with some self stick magnetic tape.


These are what I purchased;




This is the one I am using now that I made magnetic;





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