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Monthly Formatting on P128 CMFSSD-128GBG2?


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I guess, i'm beginning to get tired with this formatting business with my SSD with FW: VBM1801Q


I've done 3 HDDerase routine already since I purchase this SSD sometime in June this year and I noticed, the more I format it and re-install back my stuff, the more it degrades faster than when I first bought it.:(:


Getting a lot of freezes lately with IE8, Monitoring softwares and other small Apps and that's on an I7 920 overclocked to 4.0.:evil:


A week from now, Windows 7 will be officially out in the open and that means another formatting needs to be done for a fresh install of the official OS.


Am I right in thinking or at least in hoping that maybe by that time there is also some good news regarding firmware updates for this batch of SSD?:[pouts:

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