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Flash Voyager 4GB dont works on MAC


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On windows it works OK, but in macbook (not pro) unibody 13.3inch with newest operating system snow leopard it not works till today.

yesterday flash was working on my macbook, everything was ok, later, after active working on windows (PC) it won't work on macbook. Sometimes ONCE blue light flashes, but on windows it works fine.

i thought that my macbook is bad, but, my father have flash voyager mini and it works on my macbook fine!


so i dont know what to do that my flash would start working on my macbook as yesterday


sorry for my bad english

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personally i would never use a flash drive across 2 platforms, each OS always wanted to write its signature on it, especially MAC. ive lost data on external HDDs doing that.

im not saying you shouldnt, im just saying i wouldnt trust the OS's to "stay in their own room"

you may have to restore the drive to factory fresh and try again.

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I Was wathcing for info how to repair my flash.

All the time flash was plugged, but didnt worked.

and BOOM!, mac says that it bad to disconnect device withot ejecting.

I disconnected my flash and plugged it again.

Silence for five seconds when blue light turned on


what a success :D

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