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Any good tips for setting up a P128 on a Mac?


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The two tips that use are:


- Turn off the sudden motion sensor. ( sudo pmset -a sms 0 )


- Set hibernatemode to 0 ( sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 )


The hibernate mode setting prevents the ram (in total) being written to the SSD when you put the laptop to sleep. This is good for me, as I have 8gig of ram.


Bear in mind, that if the battery runs flat, you will loose any data that was currently being used in running apps.


One good thing with setting the hibernate mode is the laptop will sleep in about three seconds.


Anyone have other tips?

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I did complain about the trim feature, but testing the speed of the SSD recently, it's still quite fast. Easily faster than any standard hard drive, and quiter, less power hungry etc.. I would never buy a trad hard drive for macbook, even if the trim feature isn't working yet. There are other brands that has less slowdown for sure, but I did buy the P128, and it works very well. The reading speed is still very high, and that is the most important thing anyway. (Slowdown mainly affects writing speed.) If you can afford it, go for SSD. Slowdown or not, they are still very fast, and much better than conventional hard drives
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