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RMA refused for "open box" then shipped back to wrong address HELP


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Can someone, anyone from Corsair help me here. I RMA'd a failing 520HX at the beginning of the month. I never received any updates on the status until tonight, of which I received notification that the RMA was refused for an "Open Box". I wasn't returning the item as a new return it was for an RMA warranty exchange/repair! I shipped it TIGHTLY packed with just the PSU. I did not include the original box because I was afraid if I sent everything back I would not get it all back on the return, after all what good is a modular PSU if you dont have the cables?? There was nothing in the paperwork stating that it had to be returned in the original box.


I am then provided a tracking number for UPS and instructed to let them know if I receive the package back to me. I check the tracking information and it was shipped to an address in PA and delivered. I LIVE IN Delaware!


I do not know what is going on, why I wasnt informed of this sooner by the RMA system or custom support or whatever. I know I'm just a lowly end user but I use a Corsair PSU in every PC build I do for clients/friends/myself and Corsair memory ONLY. After this I will rethink my choices when purchasing if this is the quality of care that I will receive in the future.


Can anyone please point me in whatever direction I need to call to find out what happened and where my PSU bad or not, its my property, is??


Tech Support Express Case [1135083] that is the case number. HELP:mad::mad: I also have the RMA number if someone can help.

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give it some time, they are not even open yet for a couple hours, RG is on the west coast, its only 6am there!

also you didnt have to send the cables (if you did)


Yeah I didn't send the cables. Well aware of the time difference between the coasts.


Anywho. Spoke with customer service.


Seems that multiple boxes not just from me where received "open" could not get a clarification on what that meant. But this wasnt supposed to happen this way from what she said. All of these boxes where then shipped to Ingram Micro in PA for another unexplained reason. Funny thing was she even remembered my name when I called in, how great is that. So the item will be shipped back to CA and then repaired is what I'm understanding. Wow.

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