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Bad set of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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I am having an issue with running one set of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D in my system.


I get random BSOD, per Windows Debug It usually shows as "memory corruption". In random I mean I may not get a BSOD for several days, or I may get 1 an hour. They occur while running Firefox, or when the system is idol. I can run any game I have on my system without a BSOD, but if I go into note pad it may crash. It is completely random.


I have RMA’d one set of the ram already about a year ago. So the first thing I did this time to trouble shoot is run MemTest86 through the bootable CD option for a weekend.


Again I had random results.


With both all 8Gb installed, it ran the first time through 3 passes with no errors, then crapped out on the 4th, then it only got through 1 pass, then it went 6 passes before getting an error.


One set was able to run with no issues for about 24 hours, I can not remember how many passes it ended up completing, but I stopped it to swap out the ram.


The second set failed the first pass, and then would make multiple passes before failing etc.


I have tried manually setting the timings, setting the voltage to 2.1 and 2.2 with no luck.


Ram aside the fan kit that came with the ram is also failing, it occasionally makes a loud buzzing, screaching sound that only goes away with a cold restart.


At this point I would like to RMA this set of ram and the fan kit.

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Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them.


With 4 modules I would suggest setting the memory frequency at DDR667 or DDR800 and set the memory Voltage to 2.1 Volts and set the NB/MCH/SPP Voltage to +.2 Volts as well and test the system with http://www.memtest.org. In addition, with some MB's (Mostly ASUS) you have to disable legacy USB in the bios when running any memory test.
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